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How To Buy/Book

To book a service: 

  1. Go to GoWabi application or 
  2. Find a service you love
  3. Click on Book Now
  4. Select date & time for your appointment
  5. Make a purchase
  6. Visit the shop and enjoy your service 

To buy eVoucher/coupon: 

  1. Go to GoWabi application or
  2. Find a service you love
  3. Click on Buy Now
  4. Make a purchase
  5. Call shops to make an appointment
  6. Visit the shop and enjoy your service


    Book Now button is available for shops where are comfortable to manage their booking appointment on GoWabi system and easy for their operations. With Book Now, a customer can select date and time for appointment on GoWabi application. 


    Buy Now button is for shops where are likely to manage appointment by phone call. It’s easier way of their operational process. With Buy Now, a customer doesn’t have to select an appointment for purchasing, but can directly contact with the shop anytime for appointment after a purchase.

    You can increase a quality at checkout page, but it’s only available GoWabi application.  

    Bookings for multiple persons are not available at this time; you will need to book for one person at a time. If you book for several people, you can write in the comment box about the previous bookings, so the partner is informed and aware about several bookings

    When booking an appointment or purchasing a voucher, at Check Out you will come across a box that says “Promo Codes”. Simply enter your code in the same way you see it, ensuring there are no spaces. Click Enter Code and it will automatically be added into your order giving you a discounted price.