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Get Free ฿100

Invite friends and receive discounts

      It’s easy! If you have a friend who has never used GoWabi before, invite your friend to register with GoWabi and book the service for the first time with your invitation code. Just that, your friend will receive a 100 baht discount after your friend has finished booking. You will receive another 100 baht discount as well! 

Invite your friends 
    Invite your friends to book through GoWabi for the first time with your invitation code for a 100 baht discount per person. Share your code. The more you share, the more you lose! Want friends to get a discount. Share now! 

Accumulate cash back 
    You will receive a 100 baht cash back in your GoWabi account within 3 days after your friend’s first booking is completed. 

Accumulate cash back and get free services 
    You can use your refund credit for future bookings through GoWabi. You can use a 100 baht discount and 200 baht for every booking without a minimum.