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Be Partner with GoWabi

    If you are already working with us and need to update new promotions and add new services, please send them to [email protected] Our team at GoWabi will fix your content when the email has been received.

    If interested in becoming a partner with GoWabi please go to this link for partner registration. 

    After you complete the registration, our sale team will contact you within 48 hours to introduce our platform and information about partnering with us. 

    If you may have further questions or wait longer than 48 hours, you can follow up by email us at [email protected] or call us at 02 821 5950 from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM every day.

We are Thailand #1 online booking portal for beauty and wellness services. We buy food and groceries online, we book flights and hotels online, why can’t we book our next treatment online? GoWabi bridge the gap between offline to online, leverage on the power of offline, it’s simple – we bring you customers when you have empty seats! 

With GoWabi you will:

  1. Acquire new clients
  2. Build a client database
  3. List your services for free
  4. Receive free marketing

    Yes. it’s zero risk, listing with us and promoting your services is completely free!

    There are no costs at all, it’s completely risk-free and with no cost.

Increased sales: We bring you customers when you have empty seats, we intend to fill all your empty seats by using online as a tool. 

  • Online exposure: Leverage on the power of online, list with us and increase your online visibility 
  • Free listing: We help you list your services online without any charge. 
  • Free marketing: We will advertise your services online and offline. 
  • Acquire new clients: We will help you acquiring new customers and increase your sales! 
  • Online exposure: The importance of being online today is vital, you receive free online presence!

    We will contact you to set up your account and teach you our platform, selling online has never been easier!